10 amazing rugs from the latest Maison & Objet 2021 design show

First of all, it’s ten amazing rugs from Maison & Object 2021 – my pick. Very subjective selection of course. At the end of this read I’m sure you’ll also find something you like. Or like it a lot.

The key selection factor for this list was originality. Something you cannot see in home shops you visit regularly. No. But it doesn’t mean all the brands below are luxurious (even though they almost all are).

Heart Rugs

Let’s start with this Dutch brand that catch my eye immediately. It’s The Kitch Kitchen rug called Millagro Heart . I love the heart motive ( similar used by Dolce & Gabbana ). It is quirky, almost kitsch, but it’s a super original piece for your home.

Millagro Heart from Kitsch Kitchen
Corazon Rug from Kitsch Kitchen

Dutch by design

Delftware inspired

I want to continue with the Dutch brand. Here we have something very Dutch looking – a round rug imitating Delftware porcelain design. Couldn’t be more Dutch than this. Oh, and maybe some dutch still life you see in the next rug.

Delft rug from Mondiart

More about Delftware – check this article on BBC about the history of Delftware.

This article from BBC

Van Gogh inspired

Another Dutch rug with a very Dutch art connection. This round ‘Blossom’ rug is a replica of Van Gogh ‘Almond Blossom’ painting his favourite motive of blossoming branches against blue sky (apart of the night sky of course).

Look and discover a personal story behind this Van Gogh painting. Check this note from Google Art & Culture Project.

More on the Van Gogh’s Autumn Blossom painting

Geometrical rugs

Before I move from floral to geometrical rugs, I want to stop with this mix of opt-art and ‘je ne sais quoi‘ design. Love this nonchalant splash over geometrical pattern in this Valencia Rug. Simply fabulous to me. From the Rug’Society.

Luxury style: made of botanical silk, and, let me add – hand made too.

Geometrical avant-garde rug

Time for some geometry. Bauhau rug from the Rug’Society is a simple classic line crossing with muted Autumn colour palette.

Inspired by Bauhaus, a legendary design school that created the style and lifestyle for us. Once a modernist, now we can say a classic style.

If you want to find out more on Bauhaus check my post about the Online Galleries and you can get inspired with this iconic design.

More about Bauhaus School – check my post with Online Galleries

Check this great online exhibition dedicated to Bauhaus

Opt-Art inspired

Before I tell you how I love this obnoxious opt-art design, let’s focus on its functionality. This carpet is washable, absolutely easy care, so maybe a bit over the top price (in comparison to the high street brand) balance this an ultra-practical feature.

So, yeah, great optical game, could add an extra vibe and movement to any room.

Dramatic Pattern

Ach, The Adler Rug. Hand made, elegant, original. What do you want more? It’s definitely a luxury topper for any interior. Hand-tufted. Made of wool and silk. Yes, please.

Daily chaos

Unlike the geometrical patterns rugs from above, this rug brings chaos. ‘Chaos’ rug is inspired by the joy of everyday life of chaos of after-party on the floor. Fun design from Emko. Made of recycled linen. Hypoallergical. Hand-made.


Ethno style is going to be on-trend in 2021. Kazak style carpet is one of the traditional pattern designs from Azia (Kazachstan) . Traditional design and colours have been twisted by Ebru. Their Kazak carpets still give you the ethno geometry and colours in a new way

Ethno trend is here. Traditional design, old-style classics. See the Ethno rugs at Ikea

Etno design at a reasonable price from Ikea

Doodle extravagance

The Frank Gehry Collection

Last but not least, the Frank Ghery Collection rug from Ferreira De Sa rug manufacturer. I saved this one for the end as a cherry on the top. Or maybe rather it’s a pricey cherry. Let me explain why.

In no particular order.

Number one: this rug is designed by Frank Gehry, a famous, living, recognized architect. Next: it’s made by the oldest European rug workshop – Ferreira De Sa, a Portuguese brand. Lastly: it’s hand-made, tailor-made, wool piece.

So, price on request, that’s all I want to say. Great design, great doodle. The quality must be exquisite.

Frank Gehry collection, Ferreira de Sa, hand-made
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