How to smartly design a kid’s room? Practical tips and free guide.

Where to start when designing a kid’s room?

Would you imagine living in the same room without changing a thing? I don’t think so.

The same is with kids’ rooms. Their rooms must change, from time to time, more or less, but they must change. Let’s be honest, it is a different challenge to design a nursery, a toddler’s room or a space for a school kid.

Different needs and different activities call for a different room design.

Let’s look into what to consider when creating a space for your child for years to come.

How to Design Kids Room Free Guide
How to Design a Kid’s Room (pic Canva)

Thinking ahead, designing for years to come

Think of practical aspects. What bed to choose? Where should a desk space be and what about the storage area? Everything is essential as you want the room not only to be pretty but also functional and practical for you and your kid.

Let’s look into this aspect now.

How to Design Kids Room Free Guide
How to Design Kids Room Free Guide (pic. Canva)

The practical and smart design of the child’s room

Kids’ space is like a child’s tiny universe: it must accommodate all activities: sleeping, playing, learning or creating. Therefore it is a very multifunctional space. Plus you need to plan the storage for ever-multiplying toys, crafts and clothes.

How to Design Kids Room Free Guide
How to Design Kids Room Free Guide (pic. Canva)
Design Home Space – How to Design Kid’s Space

Practical Tips

Kids’ Space

Think about a child’s space as their universe with three important zones:

  • sleeping/relaxing
  • homework/creating
  • playtime

Neutral Colors in kids’ rooms or a nursery

A neutral colour palette like warm beiges, off-whites and light greys is a good starting point and can make the space feel calm and relaxing.

how to design kids room - free guide from design home space
Neutral Colour Palette (pic. Unsplash)

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Lighting – an essential element in child’s room

Think ahead and plan for three types of lighting:

  • general – top light
  • bedside – mood light
  • desk – task light


Invest in boxes or pouffes that match your room design – wicker, felt, textile, or wooden.

Storage makes the space clean but also teaches your child the tidying up routine.

how to design kid's room free guide

Themed Room – what to consider for an infant and a school child

For the nursery – keep it simple and subtle, choose a nature or animal theme.

For an early school room – update the theme for a much more adequate one. Plus think about throwing educational accents like the alphabet, numbers etc.

More on designing kid’s room I will post in the next part of ‘How to design kid’s room’. I will talk about the storage, playing and sleeping zone. In case you need to chat about any aspect of kid’s space design, email me or post your comment here. If you need a kid’s room design service, feel free to contact me.


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