Smart ways to hide kitchen appliances

Kitchen Design* Appliances – hide it or show it?

If you have ample kitchen space and hate when the kitchen counter is cluttered with appliances like a toaster, kettle, microwave or blender, you can smartly hide it. When you go for the bespoke kitchen design the options are really open. You can find a practical solution in every corner of your kitchen

When you go for the bespoke kitchen design the options are really open. You can find practical solutions in every corner of your kitchen

1. In the kitchen pantry (if you have one)

The pantry is a great and logical space to keep any appliances from the coffee maker to a blender or food processor. Well, a great place providing you do have enough plugs (plugs at all) and solid shelves to hold it.

2. In the kitchen cabinet

This is the most popular option in larger-size kitchens. With a door opening or sliding door in hidden kitchen cabinets, you have so many different options to organise it. Usually, hidden cabinets of this type have one kitchen counter where you can store already plugged toasters, coffee makers or blenders. So, it’s a very practical solution, as it keeps all the clutter away from the kitchen design.

Opening-door kitchen cabinets also give you limitless solutions to store space, wine, and an extra stash of canes or water.

3. Hidden on the kitchen counters

The simplest and most obvious way is to hide appliances on the kitchen counters. Covered behind the cabinet fronts they are still easily available. There are different solutions for the front to open- by lifting it, using a Tip-on so it lifts itself, or using other mechanisms depending on the budget and space available.

4. In the kitchen island cabinets

This option is most popular in States where usually the back of the kitchen island hides the microwave (which requires a bit of bending). But also, you can plan the refreshment fridge here,

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Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires you to create an amazing kitchen space. In case you would need any advice on kitchen design, contact me for an online or in-person consultation.

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