How to plan storage in your kitchen design

You want your new kitchen because you need more comfort, practical space and obviously beautiful design. Where to start?

Should you go to Pinterest and scroll through gazillions of inspirations? Maybe. But what is really important first is to focus on what your kitchen space requires not on the outside but on the inside.

Look inside the box

Storage is crucial in your kitchen space. Plan it from the beginning. Take pictures of how much you have, make the list, whatever works for you.

kitchen storage design

Make a list:

Food department – dry food, cat food, homemade food, cans, an extra stock

Drink department – water, wine, baby formula, energy drinks, spirits

Dishes – is there anything you want to display? A beautiful set of antique or contemporary porcelain? Brass posts you love to hang?

Kitchen appliances discover my previous post about how to hide kitchen appliances in your kitchen design.

Let’s see some examples and solutions on how to manage the storage space in the kitchen.

plan the wine space in your kitchen design

The wine storage space

Hide it or show it

Wine storage is quite a common requirement in many kitchen designs. It could be nicely incorporated into the kitchen design. In some cases, as you can see below, the wine space could be a decoration or a focal point.

Alternatively, you can find a space for wine bottles like this example below in a toe kick cabinet area.

plan the space for recycling bins in your kitchen

Recycling bins

Most used bins would be – general waste and paper/plastic. And the most common place for bins in the kitchen is under the sink.

It’s rather more probable that you end up with multiple recycling bins these days. Depending on your kitchen size, you need to focus on how much space you can dedicate to recycling.

Let’s look at some solutions:

  • separate recycling containers in a drawer – this option could be heavy so you can choose different ways of opening: door-handle to open, touchless opening or engine-supported opening.
  • bins hang on the cabinet’s door – recommended for smaller size kitchens. Family size bins could be/should be bigger.
  • separate bins outside/inside the kitchen cabinets
plan for spice space in your kitchen

The spice space

The spice department depends on your involvement in cooking. The more you cook, the more this is important for you. Let’s be honest, not the entire society of human beings is reaching for more than salt and pepper. But if you are the one with loads of spices, you want them on hand at all times.

Kitchen cabinet drawers – with organiser inserts are the handiest and most economical solution.

Kitchen cabinet sliders – are extreme space-savers and they are practical. This option could cost more than simple drawer organisers.

plan for the cleaning products in your kitchen

The cleaning department

With a custom-made kitchen, you can use each inch of the space to organise your life. Cleaning or even ironing products could be hidden too in your kitchen cabinets.

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