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Hello and welcome to Design Home Space!

Here is what services I offer.

Why Choose Me

We are all creatives but if you feel you don’t have that much time for your house renovation or simple home design improvement, contact me to get your ideas brainstormed and visualised. Your time is money, so save it by hiring me.

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland, and I’m happy to work with the local clients. But I also work with clients online. How? I can take the initial stage of the project leading up to the final on site completion. You send me your measurements, existing technical drawings and I take it from there.

Services – what do I offer and how do i work

1.Project discussion. We can meet in person, via face chat or email and discuss your project. Whether it is a single room design or an apartment revamp or home staging, I would like to find out all essential details regarding the space. The function, practical requirements, your dream look and style or main inspirations.

2.Then, based on your requirements I start my work on drafting the functional layout of the space. Usually, I offer two or three options for further discussion and then you decide what would work best in a final design. At this stage, I also make visual boards – mood boards showing materials, textures, style and feel of the desired space. 

3.Three dimensional visualisations make phenomenal difference in imagining the dream. I will prepare a photo-realistic pictures with exact products like the textiles, decorations and colours, so you can see if all works for you. At this stage you can add some changes and make sure you are absolutely certain and happy when the project begins.

4. Now it’s up to me to do all the technical drawings meaning – detailed plans of flooring, materials specification, wall finishing and material specification, instructions for installing a decorative design elements like partitions or tiling. I will also prepare the electrical scheme and lightning. All materials suggested are well researched in terms of quality and pricing and discussed with you at the discussion project stage. I will also prepare the full shopping list with details where to buy, what quantity and how much you spend.

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