See 5 trendy interiors styled with Design Home Space trees wall posters.

Blue Medley tree interior 3

Want to transform your home into a cosy, relaxing and warm space? Search no more. Here are five interiors and five different stylings. And five Design Home Space wall posters to give us the trendy finishing touch.

In this post, I show you how to arrange your interior with green, blue and earthy tone wall decor. Our Trees Collection of posters will help us here to showcase the ideal home space of 2022 that goes beyond the current trend.

Healing and relaxing blue

2022 trends in interior design bring us a very comforting and healing colour palette. Check most trendy colours of the next 2022 season according to leading paint brands in my post: ‘Colours of 2022 in interior design‘. Because blue tones are very popular this year, I’m starting this post with Blue Medley Tree wall poster to style this bedroom.

Blue accents are like a breath of fresh air here. Yes, blue is on top of the most popular colours in 2022. But I must surprise you too – the white walls you see below are no longer the synonyms of boring.

Quite opposite.

Because painting the space in one colour seems to be a trick to unite the space, white is doing the job.

So we say yes to blue and yes to white too.

Blue Medley tree interior 3
Blue Medley Tree Poster in the natural and airy bedroom

What else? Well look at this space:

  • blue accessories – natural and complementary tones
  • natural textiles – wool blanket, why not hand made?
  • natural wood night desks
  • house plants (real hit this season)
  • textile room partition

There you are. Beautiful, cosy and simple bedroom styling.

Back to nature. Natural look, natural elements.

Look at this space. Maybe a meditation corner, maybe a reading space. It could be both.

I honestly think any space you can organise at home for yourself could become your sanctuary. Maybe you don’t have the luxury of having your own room? Maybe you share a space with other people or family? Even a tiny zone like this one on the picture with a comfy armchair and a space to relax could be a saviour.

Let’s be honest, it is vital to have a bit of space for yourself, to retreat, to spend lunch if you’re working at home.

Post pandemic reality proved that our interior space is super important to ‘work’ for us and our mental balance.

Pink Round Tree Poster decoration

Let’s look closely at each element you can use in your house:

  • pampas decoration for cosines and natural look
  • natural leather
  • original sculptured credenza cabinet fronts
  • sculptural shapes – vases, furniture

The simple and minimalist life.

The hygge trend from Scandinavia has shaped our lives and aesthetics for years now. It’s still very popular, like Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 (Ultimate Grey and Yellow). Boring? Maybe for some. For others, simple and minimalist.

Wall decoration with the Green Round Tree Poster

Tricks for natural and vibrant interior:

  • natural elements – natural plants and flowers simple arrangements
  • ceramic decoration. Simple shapes and forms
  • candles for cosines
  • natural colour palette.

Discover super trendy pale green wall decor in Design Home Space shop.

Calming and natural pale green was chosen by many paint brands for their ‘Colour of the Year 2022’. No harm to look around sourcing some pale green decoration too.

I took the example of the Medley Tree from the Design Home Space Trees Collection.

But what makes it so trendy and warm?

green white medley tree
Green White Medley Tree in a cosy living room

The ultimate formula for natural look and cosiness:

  • pale green wall decor
  • natural materials – wicker and bamboo baskets, linen textiles
  • wooden natural floors
  • rustic looking rug

Back to the past.

The past brings us plenty of inspiration. These days it is also not only economical but also important to look at sustainability when choosing your interior decor.

I mean, not every one of us will redo our mid-century cabinet or upholster an old armchair. Like on this picture below. But This DIY trend, recycling and restyling of old furniture is a major trend. Not only in the interior design, of course. It helps to unleash your creativity.

Green Medley Tree in a vintage-looking space

Let’s look for inspiration in the past:

  • furniture and decoration from various periods. Mixing allowed. Matching not necessarily.
  • mid-century style cabinet still trendy
  • various textiles and patterns – chair upholstery, velvet sofa and cushions, crochet blanket.
  • if you think about an orignal rug to make the space more dynamic, check my post with latest rugs from 2021 Maison & Object show

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it!. Share your comments or this post


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