Look again at The Sky (Collection) kids posters gallery wall

pink cloud poster

If you keep reading, you’ll discover how to make a perfect kids’ poster gallery wall.

The Sky Collection kids’ posters

As I described to you in my last post I have designed The Sky Collection kids posters to bring some ordinary motifs to the kids’ interiors. I realized that nature and its phenomena like the Sun and the Rain are the first companions of a little human being in this world.

In case you would like to check the other print have a look at the first part of this post where I showcase the ‘Rainy’ posters from the collection and talk about their origins.

So, there you go, today I will continue introducing you to the rest of The Sky Collection prints.

First, ‘The Rainbow’ poster. Right after came ‘The Sun‘ and ‘The Moon‘ poster. Also, below awaits ‘The Sunshine‘ and ‘The Sky Cookie‘ print. You’ll see why it’s called like this.

Kids posters color Palette. Why ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ colours?

The Rainbow’ poster

The Rainbow print gives me an excuse to talk about the colour palette I chose for this collection. The rainbow is now a well-known symbol of gender equality and tolerance these days. Although gender neutrality is more and more on trend, there is still a traditional solid gender division into blue for boys and pink for girls. I’m not going to dwell on the origins of this color coding for kids here.

All I want to say is, that I respect blue, I respect pink and that is why I included this color palette in my Sky Collection. Without any suggestions which is more ‘appropriate’ for a boy or a girl. For those fed up with pink and blue, I came up with a red/green/coral version in between. I don’t know if it could be classified as ‘gender neutral’ but it was supposed to be fun and playful.

The Sky Story

I couldn’t resist adding the little animated tale called (nothing but) The Sky Story presenting you the whole collection of eight kids’ posters. This time, the Sky Story is in the blue version.

The Moon posters

Ah, the moon. Never in millions of years, did I think I would be reaching the extraterrestrial for inspiration. And there you go. The perfect companion for bedtime stories and dreamland. This design is ready for you to personalise it. Dedicate it to somebody or include a funny or wise message to your little one.

Fly Me to the Moon, let me play among the stars

Frank Sinatra

The Sun prints

Well, Hello Sunshine! The beauty of this print is you can adjust it to your imagination. Whatever comes to your mind you can put your stamp on it. Personally, I have designed the pink Moon for my little niece Marysia to decorate her nursery.



And if you are thinking about how to decorate the kid’s room or the nursery, one of the ideas is in the gallery wall. Here below I included one of the examples of the gallery wall including prints from the Sky Collection. As an example of how they look together and to show you have to mix and match different sizes of frames which can create an interesting composition.

A few rules would be good to bear in mind with the gallery wall creation process:

Frame materials. Less is more.

Try to stick to the same type of material (like here the wooden frame). Well, it’s not a crime to mix the wood with the metal frame but in most cases, consistency in using similar or the same pattern/material adds harmony to the composition. And harmony is what our eye likes most.

Also, in this gallery wall, the frame colour unifies the composition. And bring harmony despite the variety of busy prints.

Arrangements. Symmetry vs variety

There’s no right and wrong. Some people like order and straight composition and they would go for the same size frames. Some people like to jazz it up a bit and mix different sizes like in the below example (mixed frames

DesignHomeSpace gallery wall showing posters from the pink Sky Collection

The color factor

Try to find one common colour within the gallery group to make it work in harmony.

Here it’s blue that holds it together.

All the gallery walls I show you here present the Sky Collection. As a collection, all prints here harmoniously fit together. However, in life, prints don’t always match that ideally. And it’s okay. Try finding at least one matching element like a colour, tone or pattern.

The Sky Cookie

Last but not least, I’m leaving you with The Sky Cookie print. I wonder which one would you pick?

OK, That’s all from me. I hope you found something interesting for you in this article. Is there anything important I didn’t include here? Drop me a line, post a comment. I would be over the moon if you would share this post with others.

Thank you for reading


Look at the sky! Where The Rainbow flies high. The Sun shines on you and  The Moon winkles to you. Oh no! It’s The Rain Rain pouring from The Clouds! Shoo! Rain Rain. Go away! Cos all the kids want to play.

Play fun and play silly. Until The Snow Cookie makes you chilly. Until The Sky Hoop makes the loop, Straight to your dream at night. So close your eyes and sleep tight.

Night Night!

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