13 Best Free Apps for Home Interior Design

In this post, I show you apps that will genuinely help you to plan and visualise the look of your new space.

Right, but life’s too busy to learn complicated designing tools. Good news, most of these free apps for home design are intuitive and easy. Easily available to you. Created to do a simple and uncomplicated, yet fulfilling and creative house or room arrangements and other design tasks.

And for those ambitious who want to invest more time, there are more complex (and still free!) apps

Let’s dive straight into it.

Free Apps for Home Design

Home By Me is a very easy free app for a home design dedicated to an unexperienced user.


Quickly draft the plan of the living space, add windows, doors, floor and wall paint. It will give you satisfying design results especially with the contemporary catalogue of decor. Suits for an interior and even exterior space like your driveway.

Room Sketcher is a fantastic app used by professionals for real estate as well as for home design.


For the home design, you can design your bathroom, You can draw your plans quickly, name and colour code the spaces, have dimensions included. The basic plan does not cover the high-quality renderings and 3D camera.

RoomSketcher free app for home design. You look at the screen shots from www.roomsketcher.com presenting app’s functionality like the room layout and 3D models.

EDraw Plan Maker app offers effective tools for home design including designing a wardrobe.


EDraw Plan Maker comes with many different pro tools like plumbing and piping or garden planning. For home design apart of 2D plan, kitchen or bathroom drawing it also has a wardrobe design tool which other apps doesn’t offer. The free trial of this app for home design will give you enough functionality to plan your new space.

EDraw Plan Maker free app for home design. Screen shots from www.edrawsoft.com presenting app’s functionality.

Free Kitchen Planners apps

Ikea Planners gives you the chance to become the designer of not only your own kitchen but even furniture like your sofa.


Ikea Planners for Kitchen, Bathroom and Ikea furniture system. A good way to start planning your space and budget for Ikea home design. Only for if you fancy Ikea of course.

Cosentino Kitchen Planner can help you to start your kitchen design and test your ideas.


Here is another kitchen planner, this one slightly on the more bespoke and luxurious spectrum. You can of course order your designed kitchen with selected materials from Consentino. But even if you only want to check the colour and texture combination this simulator is good to start with. And you get results in seconds.

Planner 5D is a free app for home design that allows you to visit your newly designed space in virtual reality.


Planner 5D is an app you can use in a bus and design your room on a way to work. It is that easy. However, the choice of furniture in a basic free plan doesn’t amaze in comparison to other apps shown here. But the instant results and virtual 3D tour can make a trick for you.

EasyHome Homestyler free app is easy to create and present your ideas in high-definition pictures.


EasyHome Homestyler excellent tool with easy and intuitive tools to design your home/room plan and visualise it in 3D. Great catalogue of furniture and decor to play with.

Smart Draw app take you from your design idea to the completely furnished house in a 3D model.


Smart Draw is an easy and intuitive app that will help you to draw the layout of your room/kitchen/house fairly smoothly. Add doors, windows and dimensions and you have your space ready for further arrangements. Although it offers an interesting 3D design options it’s available in a free package for a limited time only.

If you’re looking for an app for your home design with a large catalogue of furniture Blop Home may be for you.


Blop Home is an online app offered from basic to the pro version with an extensive catalogue of furniture including Ikea, Roca and others. 3D views, 360 camera and Virtual Reality available in a pro version. Check projects published by other users for inspirations and to see the results.

KoziKaza is one of these free apps for home design that can really surprise you with its simplicity and yet complex options.


KaziKaza designing platform with impressive drawing tools available in a free version. This app will translate your hand-drawn house/room plan to a professional plan with dimensions, furniture and even electrical scheme. Also offers 3D decorating tools.

Sweet Home helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D.


It is a simple and yet effective app. The free version gives you all you need to build the model of your house, arrange the living room or a bathroom but offers a limited catalogue of furniture. You may get more creative with the paid package.

SketchUp is a powerful, complex design platform in comparison to the above apps.


The basic option available for free will help you to visualise your design. For users who fancy a bit of learning or experimenting.

PCon Planner and SketchUp above are free apps for a home design dedicated to a more experienced user.


For design enthusiasts, it is a great way to learn and experiment with pro software totally for free. Rewarding results of photo-realistic interiors for those who invest a bit more time in it.

In my next post, I will show you my guide where I tested five selected apps for home design.

I tested each app with real room arrangement or styling. So you can see examples of how each app is working

Ok, That’s all from me. I hope you found something interesting for you in this article. Is there anything important I didn’t include here? Drop me a line, post a comment. I would be over the moon if you would share this post with others.

Thank you for reading


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