Discover ultimate inspirations for interior design

Here is a super powerful list of inspirations for your interior design. Take it as you wish, use it as you need.

It should be super easy to find your inspirations for design. And let’s be honest, there are tons of websites and blogs on design, architecture, home decorating and trends. But instead of wasting your time and exploring the world, you get the essential list here.

I know, it’s my list, it’s subjective but for one thing, you could be certain. They are powerful in giving tons of fresh ideas and inspirations.

Pinterest. Best for variety of inspirational pictures from causal to fancy

For those of you who use Pinterest, I don’t have to explain why it’s so universal and effective. But for others, let me introduce you to Pinterest. Pinterest page

To describe it briefly, it’s a powerful social platform where people share pictures. All types of visual content actually, also including videos. For example pictures of a sofa, red brick wall, nice wedding cake etc.

What matters in this application is its visual algorithm research.

Pinterest page showing how to find inspiring decor to your interior design

Namely, Pinterest tracks and match an object, pattern or colour with a similar one in its database. It gives you dozens of pictures closest to your research. Look at this picture with a living room where each element of design is easily traceable on Pinterest.

DesignHomeSpace Pintrest board

As a result, you can flick through pictures of a green sofa if this is what you’re looking for. Pin it (save in your board).

Needless to say, it’s insanely addictive, but unbelievably productive at the same time. Pinterest is easy and intuitive to find inspirations for your interior design project.

Houzz. Best for professional advice on interior design, experience share, local professionals

We’re not talking only pretty pictures on Houzz.

Houzz web page print screen

But of course, there are gazillions of beautiful interiors there you can get inspired by. But also, there are tons of practical advice probably on all aspect of your home design. Starting from fundamentals ‘how to choose your bathroom tiling’ and finishing on making your home design sustainable.

You can also get some advice on a design from pro designers. At the same time, you can go through endless comments from users who share their house interior dilemmas, experience and insights. Stories web page print screen

In particular, this may be helpful if you are really on the hunt for the perfect solution for your dream kitchen or ideal hallway design. product search page

All in all, believe me, there’s not enough time to explore this site. For one thing, it is a powerful combo of great projects, products, pros advice and database of local professionals.

What’s important to add that, after all, Houzz is not only a web site, it is a community as well.

Instagram. Best for interior projects shared with the community, local professionals, world-class inspirational designers


Instagram is a social platform full of amazing people, ordinary individuals, famous personalities and it’s up to you to create your circle of ‘friends’ and follow them.

I follow interior designers, architects, artists, motivational speakers and interesting people that (sometimes) happen to be all of the above. Instagram profile

Since I use Instagram it gave me insights into people’s work, home projects, DIYs, art and crafts stories.

Follow me :

@designretailspace @designhomespace

Let’s start with a few very well known, top designers. Their accounts give some insights to their taste, updates on design projects, furniture, decor, art pics. And this combination could be interesting and inspiring.

Inspirations for interior design from top designers

Kellywreastler instagram profile


For sublime and crazy taste I like and constant art discoveries (and always consistently changing trousers on each post)

abigailahern Instagram profile


For practical tips and antygeneric attitude in design (and consistently wearing the same trousers on Insta)

lauragonzales Instagram profile


For her ‘chic mix & match’ design, love for fabrics and furniture (no trousers comment here)

Get inspired by luxurious fashion brands

I also follow certain luxurious fashion brands and I tell you why. We know that the fashion industry dictates the colour palettes for other creative industries including the interior design. Global luxurious brands like @dior @gucci and top designers (e.g @victorandrolf) truly are creating future trends.

Look into art and design magazines and get the latest from the design world

@visualfolder, @designboom, @artsytecture, @designboom

Architectural Digest. Best for luxurious interior projects

Oh, The AD is a massive inspirational platform. As nowadays, it exists not only on paper but as an online media too.

Design Home Space facebook page post

In particular, watch an ‘Open Door‘ series. If you know what’s MTV’s ‘Cribs’ was like, this is a similar concept but on a more sublime level. These short videos give you an inside into celebrities abodes. As you can imagine, most of the time, they are pretty special in terms of design and the level of luxury.

Why it’s so awesome? Because even if you don’t care the slightest about celebrity’s taste, it is super exciting to check on the furniture, sometimes luxurious, sometimes vintage, art, bathrooms, gardens, playhouses, pools etc for inspiration. Seriously. It is like checking on luxurious interiors’ catalogues but in a used living space.

Elle Decoration. Best for A to Z of interior design and decoration. Trends and inspirations for interior design.

Elle magazine Instagram profile

Elle publication gives you a nice mix of everything. For instance, trends in interior design, stories about local commercial spaces or residential design wonders and tons of tips on ‘how to’ do all home design tricks.

This iconic magazine comes in different country editions. Each country promotes its national brands and unveils their specific taste and design novelties.

Elle Decoration

Elle Decoration, The UK Edition

Also, I like it for: ‘My Cultural Life‘ series and ‘Decorator Index

Elle Decoration, The Polish Edition

Elle Decoration, The French Edition

Marie Claire Maison. Best for visual research, professional advice

For decades MCM delivers the most versatile content on interiors. And without exaggeration, it gives you access to the limitless content of interior design inspirations for any room or element in the house.

Marie Claire Maison magazine online edition web page

Such as floor, ceiling, wall, windows, doors – all you can imagine is covered. The content is incredible.

Ok, the content is all in French but still, there is plenty of visual content you can go through. For instance, they always give directions on the latest trends and addresses where to get some furniture, accessories or craftsmen.

MOM: Maison & Object and more. Best for trendy furniture and decor. Ideal for contemporary inspirations for interior design web page home screen

You can go to France to visit the Paris Design Week and check the latest design trends.

But you can also brow through this web site to have access to everything from furniture, through fabrics, lighting, kids decor, office furniture, rugs, mirrors, candles.

This is the selection of the latest design and trends introduced each year at the interior design fairs in Paris.

And as you can expect from the best product designers that lead in the industry.

Ok, That’s all from me. I hope you found something interesting for you in this article. Is there anything important I didn’t include here? Drop me a line, post a comment. I would be over the moon if you would share this post with others.

Thank you for reading


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