Ladybird Lola new collection of posters and a gift

Ladybird Lola posters for girls

New series of posters for kids

Today I would like to share with you the story of Lola. Lola is a new character in the Design Home Space collection of posters. Her character emerged over time and now she is a fully-fetched chicky ladybird.

Look how Ladybird Lola changed in the design process and how the final version had emerged

Posters for girls

Ladybird Lola posters are mainly dedicated to girls’ rooms, and mainly for girls age up to ten maybe eleven years of age. She’s chicky and adventurous and she lives up in the sky.

You can see her personality and adventures in twelve different scenes and each scene is an individual poster.

Ladybird Lola character Design Home Space
Ladybird Lola character Design Home Space

So, we have Ladybird Lola flying a kite, juggling balls, dropping balls, snoozing, posing, dancing ballet and playing with a star. Anything a little girl would enjoy doing herself!

Twelve different posters with Ladybird Lola

Find your most adorable Ladybird poster or create a collection of a few Ladybird Lolas in your child’s space.

If you’re not sure which design will be best, you can download the free calendar with all posters over twelve pages. Yes, that’s right, for free, just like it’s explained below.

Free calendar to download

Ladybird Lola was so busy that she is now taking the space of twelve separate posters. And that is why she deserved her own calendar for each month of the year.

So, have a look at the 2023 calendar you can download absolutely for free. You can print it off in a3 or a4 size and hang it individually each month.

The Ladybird Lola 2023 Calendar

If this wouldn’t enough of Lola’s extravaganza, at the end of the 2023 calendar you can find the school activity page you can use for a school year.

I hope you enjoy the calendar and pop into Design Home Space to get your own paper Ladybird poster in a museum paper quality that will last a great quality over a lifetime.

If you like this collection, I would be delighted if you could pass this message on to a friend.


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