The French Collection

french collection two pictures jolie and toujour jamais

A new home collection of wall art coming to Design Home Space.

I’m happy to share the news with you about the new exciting home collection in the Design Home Space portfolio of home prints.

The French va va voom in your home space

The French Collection is close to my heart as a Francophile (who’s not from time to time?), I’m not sure if I can call myself French-speaking anymore but it is a distant memory of my French literacy. Hence, the twelve new posters with really common and frequent French phrases you may find useful, funny, practical or none of it.

Beige is the new black

Obviously, the words are just an addition to the posters which are kept in a neutral colour palette. Warm sand beiges, grey, white and black is the colour combination that suits many home interiors. These posters could well fit any home space -home office, dining, living or bathroom spaces. See some of the examples below.

Top 10 facts you need to Know about the New French Collection

1. Twelve new posters

2. Perfect for a neutral interior

3. Great for living, bedroom, bathroom, and dining

4. Frame it in black or anti-frame

5. Not sure what it means? trust the universe and get the message you need :0

6. Inspired by French because it sounds sophisticated

7. Created with fun, joy and va va voom. …

8. Mix and match posters’ designs as you like – they come nicely together in a gallery

9. Beige is the new black

10. Give it a like and share this post

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