Kids’ Rooms Transformed! New Wall Art design for kids Arrives

baby's crib with teddy and blue supersister cat poster decoration with slogan rising star

Get ready to transform your child’s space with new wallart design for kids, an explosion of creativity! Design Home Space Studio is bursting with exciting new arrivals in the Kids Collection of wallart.

New wallart design for kids – Blue Moon Mouse Wallart

This week, The Sky Collection welcomes its newest star – Little Furry Mouse! This adorable character is sure to steal hearts with its charm and whimsy. Enchanting Moon Wall Art, featuring Little Furry Mouse in playful wall stickers or captivating wallpaper, adds a touch of magic to any nursery or toddler room.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Keep your eyes peeled next week as our shop expands to include a brand-new selection of posters and framed posters.

Blue Moon Mouse Wallart – new kids’ room wall art design for kids

Introducing a New Kind of Fun: Lola Takes Flight in the Sky 🪁

Calling all young adventurers! The beloved Ladybird Lola Collection takes flight with a delightful duo! Introducing new wallart design Lola the Lady on the Swing and her BFF, Lola “Oh Hey”! These charming posters, designed to capture the hearts and imaginations of young girls, showcase Lola’s adventures in a brand-new way.

Double the Trouble, Double the Fun! Supercats & Irish Supercats Arrive Soon!

The heroic meow-vement continues! Our Cats Collection welcomes the arrival of the Supercats! Each feline hero boasts a unique slogan that inspires bravery, kindness, and imagination. But wait, there’s more! Unleash the inner hero with a touch of Celtic flair! Introducing a special edition of Irish Supercats!

Stay tuned for the official release dates of these incredible new designs! Your child’s room is about to become a wonderland of creativity and adventure!

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