1. Project.This is your story

  • Browse through the catalog of prints’ collections. Pick one print to customise.
  • Choose Name Poster or Story Poster
  • Send your request with requirements

Story Posters

Tell your story. Express your feelings. Make it memorable. Make it personal. Make it unforgettable.


Name Posters

Dedicate it to this special person. Create a personal print. One of a kind. Special gift.


Blue White Medley Tree

The Trees Collection

yellow baby cat poster

Yellow Baby Cat

The Team Miaow Collection

Blue Medley Tree

The Trees Collection

Red and Green Sun

The  Sky Collection

Change Colour

Be ready to get creative. Change the background or the design colour to your liking. 

Add a text

Make it fun. Make it important. Make it memorable.

Dedicate it

Make it special and make somebody special. To your mum, dad or a teacher.

Choose your print

Find your print

Choose any of the prints from Design Home Space catalogue.

Frame it or not?

Choose the size and/or choose one of the frames.

Print or e-print?

In case you choose unframed poster you have now option to order a premium paper print or downloadable e-print.

2. Support

I’ll customize the print and send you for approval. 

I want you to be happy with your print. I will make sure the final version is up to your standard, imagination and expectations.

Let me know by completing the form below.


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3. Shop

Pay online for your order.

Wait for the print/frame delivery (and track your order)


4. Receive your customized print to your mail box and print it at home.



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