How to plan storage in your kitchen design

You want your new kitchen because you need more comfort, practical space and obviously beautiful design. Where to start? Should you go to Pinterest and scroll through gazillions of inspirations? Maybe. But what is really important first is to focus on what your kitchen space requires not on the outside but on the inside. Look […]

Interior Design Services

Hello and welcome to Design Home Space! Here is what services I offer. Why Choose Me We are all creatives but if you feel you don’t have that much time for your house renovation or simple home design improvement, contact me to get your ideas brainstormed and visualised. Your time is money, so save it […]

Look again at The Sky (Collection) kids posters gallery wall

pink cloud poster

If you keep reading, you’ll discover how to make a perfect kids’ poster gallery wall. The Sky Collection kids posters As I described to you in my last post I have designed The Sky Collection kids posters to bring some ordinary motifs to the kids’ interiors. I realized that nature and its phenomenons like the […]

How to design a kid’s room? Practical tips and free guide.

Where to start when designing a kid’s room? Would you imagine living in the same room without changing a thing? I don’t think so. The same is with kids’ rooms. Their rooms must change, from time to time, more or less, but they must change. Let’s be honest, it is a different challenge to design […]

Chanel interior inspiration

The Chanel Style Guide gives you the essential features of this iconic French brand to use for your home design. Treat this guide as an inspiration for your own home design and styling. Chanel style for your home interior In this first chapter of ‘The Style Code,’ we are talking about the luxurious, heritage brand. […]

Find your home style: The Style Guide from fashion to home interiors

the style guide for your home interior

The Style Guide How to find your home style? there is no receipt for this. From my practice, I see that people want to look and compare, eliminate what they don’t like and single out the features they accept. Pinterest is good for finding inspiration, TV programmes about home design and home stores too. But […]