About me

Hello there, I’m Gosia



For some reason, the division of art and science always led me to believe that I am rather an art person. I worked in a museum, an art gallery, antique shops and an art auction house. However, I’m not going to lie, technology was always something I enjoyed and I got to work with it in an educational environment.


Some time ago an impulse made me sign up for a ten-week course on interior design, which I ‘extended’ to a degree as I found myself falling in love with it and I discovered I have an eye  for interior design.


There you go, this is where my story concludes – I realised that an interior design is, in fact, a fusion of art and science, or more art and technology.

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Here I am, with my left and right brain spheres ready to create the best project (read: practical and pretty) for you. Hire me for interior project space planning. Also, I can do the visualisation of your project.


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A short story on how my print design project came to life.


Imagine a picture of a mum playing with her daughter. The daughter is doodling and the mum is doodling alongside her, no pressure, no deadlines, creativity has no limits. Simple drawings, nothing in mind, some lines and circles, plain colours …. and suddenly, there it is, the very first print, it is like it came from nowhere ! Soon followed by a second one ‘kids’ print’ and another one ‘home decor’ print collection. You may say, this was a positive ‘side effect’ of maternity (;-).




So here I am, ready to create the best project for you. Whether it is an interior space planning or visualisation, I am here for you to help your dreams come through. Let’s ‘doodle’ together !


Obviously, it takes more than a line or two to design a poster that would fit your home space and it would be my joy to collaborate with you in your journey to achieve your perfect home space. 


If you are interested in any of the posters presented on Design Home Space, but would like a personalised version, please feel free to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to change text, colours or to create a bespoke poster.  

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